Multiple property hotel management

Whether you’re managing two hotels or hundreds, RoomKey’s user-friendly multiple property hotel management software provides the same streamlined functionality. With RoomKey’s ‘chaining’ feature, you can manage all elements of your hotel property management system with ease, across your properties and across the country.

Driving revenue is especially important in today’s challenging market. RoomKey’s chain hotel PMS functionality includes guests insights and chain-wide reporting that help you identify cross selling opportunities, manage rates and maximize revenue through all channels.

RoomKey Insight

Part of our multiple property hotel management services, RoomKey Insight is a web-based reporting framework ideally suited to multi-property managers. Track multiple properties and compare data by time period for smarter decision-making.

Multiple Property Hotel Management Consulting

Discover valuable insight into your customer data, including profiles of your ideal customers, and sales and marketing program performance, so you can constantly improve your strategy and maximize revenue.

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